Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am an environment artist working out of Saskatoon SK. I am a graduate of New Media Campus, where I completed a course in multimedia and another in 3D animation. During my final year at New Media Campus I was hired, part time, as a level designer by Far Vista Studios. Far Vista is a start up video game company here in Saskatoon. During my time there I produce a demo level in which I was responsible for everything from modeling, texturing, normal mapping, etc, right to the final process of integrating the level into the unreal 3 engine. Working with and learning from Far Vista was extremely valuable and helped me to graduated at the top of my class. After graduating I continued my work with Far Vista and also signed a contract as an environment artist with Cinepost Films to produce a fully animated commercial for Sasktel. For this project I modeled and textured the environment and props. Shortly after finishing this project, Sasktel awarded Cinepost another spot, and Cinepost offered me a full time position as lead environment artist, which is the position I am currently holding. I am very grateful and pleased with this position. The Cinepost team is full of very energetic and talented artistes, who have been able to teach me a lot about many different aspects of 3D animation. This position allows me to continue learning and growing as an artist. Although it may be challenging or even stressful at times, I love what I do and would like to thank all of my family, friends, teachers, and classmates that have helped along the way.



Low and high poly moddeling
Hand painting, photo manipulation, and seemless texturing
Normal mapping


- (Nvidia normal map plug in)
Crazy Bump
Headus UV Layout
Unreal 3 Engine

3D Environments

Venice Environmet (Personal Project)

Western Environment (Demo Test For Far Vista Studios)

Jacks Green House (Sastel Commercial Produced By Cinepost Films)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Game Environments

London Environment (Demo Level For Far Vista Studios)